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New Headquarters for the Ocean Alliance

In 2008 Ocean Alliance acquired the historic Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory with a generous grant from the Annenberg Foundation. Please help us convert these buildings into a Research and Education centre.

Whale Recordings Leave Our Solar System

In the late 60s Roger Payne with associate Scott McVay discovered that whales sing songs. These recording have now left our solar system as part of the payload of the Voyager I and II spacecraft!

Polluted Oceans

Watch this page the Voyage of Odyssey report is at the editor. This report speaks to the first ever circumnavigation (in equatorial waters) collecting base line data on ocean pollution using whales as an indicator species.

Journey Through Time

A 9-minute Video that speaks to who Ocean Allaince is and what we do, along with spectacular footage of whales.

39 Years of Studying Right Whales

Data from the longest ongoing study of any great whale is a huge asset to the scientific community.

RV Odyssey Refit

The research vessel Odyssey has undergone an extensive refit. All major systems have been replaced or up graded and a state of the art laboratory has been built in the aft cabin. She is ready for her next expedition.

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“Ocean Alliance is a research organization that focuses on whales and marine toxicology.”

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Did You Know

Right Whale

There are only 300 North Atlantic Right Whales left in the entire world.

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