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Challenge One

How much did the largest recorded Blue Whale weigh? (All numbers are in tons.)

50 160 510 215
Challenge Three

How deep do Sperm Whales dive? (Answers are in miles.)

2.5 1 3.25 2
Challenge Five

How high can a 12,000lb Killer Whale leap into the air? (Answers are in feet.)

15-20 5-10 10-15 20-25
Challenge Two

What percentage of the world do Oceans cover?

50 80 70 60
Challenge Four

At birth, how much can Humpback whale calves weigh? (Answers are in tons.)

.5-1 2-3 1-2 2.5-3
Challenge Six

How many tons of food per day do Blue Whales eat?

1 2 2.5 1.5
Oceans Matter
Did You Know

Breeching HumpBack

Humpback whales grow to 50 feet, weigh over 45 tons, and are the acrobatic, playful whales that often come close to whale watch boats!