OA Headquarters

In 1863, The Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufactory revolutionized the fishing industry with the invention of copper paint that improved vessel speed and maneuverability, critical in both battle and bringing fish to market. Fisherman used the factory's smoke stack as a navigational tool and a guide on foggy days. The 120–year–old former paint factory is one of our last links to a time when Gloucester was the capital of the fishing industry. Since then, the Paint Manufactory has become a Gloucester icon.

These historic buildings at the entrance to the harbor will become the new headquarters of the Ocean Alliance. Considering that much work has to be done to understand the challenges and opportunities that this site presents us, we ask your patience as we develop our plans. What we can say now thought is that since the buildings sit on over 1000 feet of waterfront, it is our hope not only to consolidate our waterfront activities by having a home-dock for the RV Odyssey (with plenty of on site storage for our research equipment) but also to expand our water access & support of local research programs. When completed, the renovated facility will simplify logistics, coordination and monitoring, and facilitate expanded programs for the public.

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Blue whales can weigh as much as 24 full grown elaphants!