Internships Programs

Primary Education Internship

This internship is at Ocean Alliance's main office in Lincoln, MA. The Primary Education Intern will be responsible for communicating with schools participating in the Ocean Alliance's WHALE Education Program. This intern will also explore new contacts and prepare offerings for education associations, as well as assist in school presentations when called upon. Investigating educational grants via internet and also updating OA's web-based education initiatives will also be included in this person's duties. The position requires strong writing and interpersonal skills.

This Internship position is on a volunteer basis and housing is not provided. OA asks that each intern provide at least a 2 month–long commitment, 20+ hours/week, pending student status and other employment. Upon the availability of full–time staff positions, the Institute will consider volunteers' requests for hiring at that time.

Cetacean Education Through Awareness (CETA) Program

In 1993 the Ocean Alliance affiliated itself with Cape Ann Whale Watch of Gloucester, Massachusetts whereby Ocean Alliance provides Cape Ann Whale Watch,,with naturalist training and educational programs. Since that time, Ocean Alliance staff and volunteers have developed a program called CETA (for "Cetacean Education Through Awareness"). Run by CETA Program Coordinator and whale watch naturalist Cynde Bierman, CETA trains interns to serve as naturalists on Cape Ann whale watch trips and to do basic whale research including photo–identification of whales and collecting data on whale behavior.

CETA naturalists and interns are present on every whale watch trip, and through a series of hands-on learning tools, educate passengers aboard the boat about the whales they will be seeing, the whales' environment, and some of the problems they face. They are also available to answer questions and engage in discussions with the passengers. The goal of this program is to educate people of all ages and walks of life about whales, and hopefully encourage them to work to protect whales and their environment.

This internship is based in Gloucester, MA. The whale watch boats take between 150 and 250 passengers on half–day trips whale watching. Trips usually last four hours. Two interns and a naturalist are present on every trip, usually working two trips in a day throughout the spring and summer season and once a day in the fall.

On the boat, Intern responsibilities include:

  • Educating passengers about whales and their environment using hands-on teaching tools to enhance their understanding of whales
  • Helping with the general functioning of the whale watch boat
  • Collecting data on the whales in the Gulf of Maine, as well as assisting with data collection of passengers reactions
  • Answering questions about the whales to help promote conservation of whales and their ocean environment

Off the boat, Intern responsibilities include:

  • Participating in weekly meetings
  • Entering data one day a week in the Gloucester office
  • Participating in an intern project at Ocean Alliance headquarters once a week in Lincoln

Are you enthusiastic about teaching, about whales, or about the environment and promoting conservation? Do you have a desire to initiate changes in people's attitudes and behaviors towards the environment? You could be ideal for this internship!! We are looking for people who feel comfortable speaking in public, talking to people in small groups, teaching, or working with school age and younger children. This internship can be intense. It can also involve long hours. BUT, when you reach someone and change their attitudes about the importance of saving our oceans, it makes it all worthwhile.

The deadline for applying is March 1st of the year you are applying for. Interviews will be conducted during the month of March. This is a volunteer position and interns are responsible for paying for their accommodations. Group housing will be made available to offset summer housing costs. The season starts in the beginning of May and runs through October. During that time, there is a summer and a fall session. The summer session starts in the middle of May, or earlier if possible, and ends in mid– August. The fall session starts in mid–August and runs through the end of the season. If you are interested, please send resume, cover letter expressing why you are interested in the internship, dates available, and 2 references to:

Ocean Alliance
191 Weston Rd.
Lincoln, MA 01773
Attn: Cynde Bierman
or send it via email

RV Odyssey Internship

Prerequisit:: Prior completion of an internship program offered at the Ocean Alliance.

This internship takes place aboard our 93 foot research vessel, Odyssey. Onboard the vessel, the science intern is responsible for various types of data collection concerning the sperm whales encountered during the voyage. Other duties include physical maintenance of the vessel, cleaning, helm and observer watches.

Interns are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the Odyssey. The boat does not look kindly on returning to port so that someone can make a flight, (in the case that we are with whales etc.) In light of this, having a flexible schedule upon return is necessary.

Previous experience with data collection is a must. An ability to live in close quarters with and work well with others is also necessary. This internship position is on a volunteer basis with room and board on the Odyssey provided. OA suggests that interns plan on spending 2 – 4 months onboard to make the experience (and the flight) worth while.

Oceans Matter
Did You Know

Blue whales have hearts the size of a Volkswagon Bug!

How to Apply

Although our programs are geared for students and recent college graduates, anyone interested in helping the Ocean Alliance or in learning about whales is welcome to apply.

Ocean Alliance

191 Weston Rd.

Lincoln, MA 01773

or send it via email