Why Support OA?

Odyssey at Sunset

The undisputed fact remains that Ocean Alliance is the global leader in whale research and conservation.

  • First to use natural marking to identify right whales
  • Runs the longest continuous research program based on recognized individual right whales – the most endangered of the great whales.
  • Co–discovered in 1967 that humpback whales sing songs
  • Runs an established network of professional contacts and affiliations which make possible unique collaborations with the some of the world's leading scientists.
  • Discovered that blue and fin whales can be heard across oceans.
  • Continues to generate innovative, ground-breaking multi-ocean initiatives such as The Voyage of the Odyssey.

You can help with this important cause. Get involved – because every little bit counts!
Oceans Matter
Did You Know

Toothed whales like dolphins do not chew their food. These teeth are used only to catch food.