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Adopt A Whale

Adapt a Whale

Give a gift of Gigantic Proportions! For $25 you will receive: a photo of your whale, its family tree and natural history, details on this majestic and enchanting mammal, and a certificate of adoption signed by our founder Dr. Roger Payne, plus a one-year Ocean Alliance membership. Choose from a selection of humpback and right whales. Adopt your own 40 ton cuddly colossus – makes a great gift for both kids and adults!

What whale would you like to adopt?

Whale Song CDs

Whale CD

Special Price:
Buy two, get one free! 3 CDs for $30.00 (Usual price $15.00 each.)

Songs of the Humpback Whale:
A must-have for all whale lovers! This original recording of humpback whale songs, recorded by Dr. Roger Payne and included in National Geographic Magazine's January 1979 issue and carried aboard the Voyager I and II spacecraft, has been heard by millions of people around the world and is still the best selling nature album of all time! Great for relaxation and reflection.–$15.00 each

Deep Voices:
Can't get enough whale songs? Deep Voices is the 1977 sequel to the classic original, Songs of the Humpback Whale, and features the sounds of humpback, blue and right whales.–$15.00 each

Whales Alive:
A celebration of whales in poetry, prose and music, with original compositions by Paul Winter and Paul Halley and narration by Leonard Nimoy, along with the whale songs featured in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.–$15.00 each

Whale DVD

Whale DVD

Whales IMAX movie:
WHALES takes audiences on an oceanic journey to witness the lives of the mightiest creatures the earth has ever known. Follow Ocean Alliance researchers aboard the Odyssey as they study and dive with whales around the world. This film stars humpbacks, orcas, dolphins, right whales, and the mighty blue whale. Bring the spectacular footage and incredible sound of this large format film to your own living room. Also includes a ,making of, feature. –$20.00 each

Whale Greeting Cards

Whale Cards

Greeting Cards:
This set of blank greeting cards features photos of Southern right whales taken from Peninsula Valdes, Argentina by Ocean Alliance's Iain Kerr. Show your friends and family you care by sending one of these beautiful cards.–$8 for a set of 8 cards, with four different designs.

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Did You Know

Sound travels four times faster in water than in air, approximately a mile per second. A whale can send a sound out and detect a school of fish a mile away in two seconds flat!